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Every child deserves the right to experience all that life has to offer. Our programs work together to create an all-inclusive approach for each child as they overcome years of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Our staff focuses on breaking cycles of hopelessness and fear by instilling in each child God’s unconditional love and grace, allowing negative patterns to be broken.


The majority of children living at our ranch attend the local public school. However, in order to help them achieve academic and social success both inside and outside the classroom, our onsite Activity Center is used for after-school tutoring, art classes and summer school for children living at the ranch. 


One of the most vital parts of the work we do is helping children overcome the trauma associated with abuse, neglect and abandonment. Our Case Managers and House Ministers receive 24-40 hours of training per year to minister to the problems encountered by our children. Training is completed in-house as well as outside of the ranch through various professional programs. Each child is scheduled for consistent one-on-one meetings with their Case Manager where problem areas are addressed. If further counseling is deemed necessary by our Child Care Staff, arrangements are made for outside Christian counseling to begin. If a child is targeted for placement back home, family counseling sessions are set in place. 


Every child deserves the chance to be a kid. At Watersprings Ranch our job is to remind them not only how much their Heavenly Father loves them, but also what being a kid is all about! There is never a dull moment at Watersprings Ranch with kids participating in a variety of recreational activities including: fishing, hiking, camping, tennis, dance classes, swimming, scrapbooking and arts and crafts.


We provide special therapy services by licensed therapists including physical, occupational and speech therapies for children at our ranch. Therapists work onsite, one-on-one with the children, assessing their needs and creating a personalized treatment plan for each child’s success.  

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